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Our Work Process

In our Project Design and Planning phase, you will work with your Iglu project manager and Iglu developer so everyone has a clear understand of the requirements of your project. Wire frames or screenshots will be produced to make sure everyone shares the same vision for your project.

The Iglu team will work with you to map out a clear understanding of what work is to be done. Then the Iglu team will work with you to create an agile development cycle. The Iglu project manager will then describe how your project will be tested during this development phase so your developer can incorporate changes and bug fix requests.

Estimates are a pretty simple process at Iglu. After your project has been outlined with the project manager and developer, our developer will give an hourly estimate of the work to be done.

In some cases, usually larger projects, there might be an estimate per phase. In this case the estimates might be given per week of work and not per hour. Some larger projects are easier to calculate in this way and produce a better estimate.

Your Iglu developer will use a process known as Agile development when working on your project. Agile development, without getting too geeky, is a process of iterative and incremental development. It allows a rapid and flexible response to your feedback.

If we wait till the end of the project and only then let you provide feedback, your project could take much longer before we get to the product you invesion. The only draw back to this type of development is you will see your project in a state that is imperfect and unfunctional. Please remember that this is a natural part of the development cycle.

Once we’ve finished with your project, we move to the publishing phase. If we’ve built a mobile app for you, your Iglu project manager will walk you through the process of getting your app published in the Apple AppStore and the Google Play Store.

If we’ve built a website for you, it will likely be live already. Should you wish to move the site to your own host, your Iglu project manager will help coordinate the move with your hosting company.

During the first six months after publishing your project to the web, Iglu will fix any bugs for free. Change requests will be billed at an hourly rate.

Any bugs found after the first six months will also be addressed at an hourly rate. Ask your Iglu project manager for the details in your inital meeting.

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